4 Email Automations Every T-Shirt Brand Should Have

Jun 16, 2022

If you don't have email automations set up for your t-shirt brand, you're leaving a ton of money on the table!

I'm gonna tell you four email automations that every t-shirt brand should have, but first I just want to tell you what an email automation is.

So my t-shirt brand uses an email marketing software called Klaviyo and in Klaviyo they call email automations "flows". A flow is just an automated email that you set up once, set it and forget it, and it works in the background.

As I go through these four flows it'll make a lot more sense, and you'll see how these can make you a ton more money.


The welcome series is a series of emails (typically 4-6) that are intended to introduce subscribers to your brand and convert them into first-time customers. It usually gets triggered by a new email signup, maybe from a lead capture like Wheelio or Justuno. This automated email series or "flow" is actually our most lucrative consistently across the board and one I think every single t-shirt brand should setup. Remember that most customers do not buy on the first interaction. The more times you engage with them, the closer you will be to them building up the comfort and trust to make that first purchase from you.


This is intended to convert customers who have placed an item into their cart.

Are you tired of people abandoning their carts?

Well it's very common...we all experience it and this is a great way to recover a lot of those abandoned carts. This is also a very lucrative email series and one that you should absolutely have set up.

Remember that you never know the reason why they abandoned cart. It may have nothing to do with your offer, website, etc. It could have simply been a case of everyday distractions...they got a call mid purchase or had to grab their Starbucks order and forgot about both their order and your website. Always follow up! 


When someone makes a sale you want to try to incentivize them to purchase again. It's said that a lot of the profit comes from the repeat sales and it's so true. With the cost of advertising, cost per acquisition...
it can actually be quite expensive to acquire a new customer. But if you can get them coming back again and again then their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is going to be very high and that's going to really help your profitability.

The post purchase series is intended to show appreciation for the customer and encourage them to make a second purchase. This is a must-have as it's free targeting to warm traffic which has hopefully built trust in you and love for your shirts. I highly highly recommend having this flow set up.


One thing you're going to notice with your email list is there's always going to be attrition (aka churn). There's going to be people that join and there's going to be people that eventually leave.

So what you can do is you can actually try to incentivize the people that haven't made a purchase in a long time to essentially reactivate them (i.e. get them interested in your brand again and bring them back and make them an active buyer).

The win back series is intended to bring back past customers who have not purchased in a long period of time. There's a lot of different things you can do with this. That could be a whole other article in itself. One of the more popular methods though is to do what's called a "discount ladder". Essentially, after a certain period of time, you offer them a discount to come back and make a purchase, then you wait a period of time after that (i.e. maybe a month), then you increase the discount and if they still haven't bought then maybe you wait another month and then you increase the discount again. The hope is to acquire them at some point along the way where they feel like the discount is big enough to incentivize them to make another purchase.

Let me know in the comments what flows you're running and which ones you're finding most lucrative. Let's all help each other out!


If you don't have email automations set up for your t-shirt brand, then start TODAY! The four most lucrative email flows I suggest you setup right away are the Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart Series, Post Purchase Series, and Win Back Series. Remember, these are one-time setup automations that work in the background, i.e. once setup this is one of the best ways to make money while you sleep.


If you think you'll need full service support to do the one-time setup for this then feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also check out our Email Marketing Bootcamp (using Klaviyo) which hand holds you through every step of the setup process using the Klaviyo email marketing platform. 


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