3 Ways To Increase Average Order Value

May 24, 2022

If you're struggling to increase your average order value then here are three easy ways to increase your average order value:


Upselling is used to get a customer who is either about to buy or already bought something to upgrade their purchase. For example, if a customer added a t-shirt to their cart then you may try to upsell them a three pack of t-shirts at a discounted price per shirt. If the upsell deal is enticing enough then the customer will add it to their cart, increasing their order value and hence increasing your store's average order value. Win-win! Customer gets a volume discount and you are able to increase the order value and hence your resulting profit from that customer. 

This is one of the best ways to increase your average order value and overall revenue!


While upselling is generally focused on encouraging an upgraded purchase at checkout, cross-selling usually involves trying to convince a customer to make their order larger by adding additional related or complimentary items to their cart. For example, if a customer added a t-shirt to their cart then you may try to upsell them on the matching pants or another item that other customers usually pair with that t-shirt. This is another win-win. The customer learns about other items that pair well with the t-shirt and if they buy you've increased the value of their order.

Cross-selling is not only a great way to increase average order value, but also allows you to easily showcase other popular items in your store that customers may not otherwise see.


Product bundling is a strategy in which stores bundle particular products together and sell them at a reduced price. This is a popular technique used by a lot of apparel brands and it can be very effective if marketed well. An example of this is offering three shirts for $75 on your store as opposed to one shirt for $30. The customer may opt to buy three instead of one, increasing your average order value significantly, and reducing their cost per shirt. Everybody wins. The difference between this and the upselling example is that with product bundling you're showing the customer the option of the t-shirt volume discount before they've added anything to their cart.


If you're looking for fast effective ways to increase your average order value today, then upsells, cross sells, and product bundling are three powerful techniques that both add value to customers and encourage them to increase their purchase, hence increasing your store's average order value and resulting profit! 


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